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Grandparents with Grandson and Granddaughter

Grandmother and Grandfather with 1 Grandson (in the age from 0 - 14 years)
in one doubleroom with lounger
7 nights with half board
Nationalpark-Card and "GUTi" for the time of your stay included

price for Grandma, Grandpa, 1 Grandson 1407,- € plus tax

Our half board included:

  • Varied breakfast buffet
  • daily a menu with four courses. You can choose between four different main courses (meat, vegetarian, fish, cold)
  • Allergic and diat wihes will be considered
  • daily lunch packet for your walking tour. You make it  from the braekfast buffet by yourself
  • If you have a thermos we will fill it for you with coffee or tea.
  • daily salad from the buffet
  • you can choose between sweets or liquor


with the Nationalpark-Card
you get a lot of reduktions and with "GUTI" you drive free by bus and train in the nationalpark area




We make company holidays from  3. to 24.3.2024

As part of the half board we prepare all 
dishes gluten and lactose free.